Popular backup services have been discussed by the leaders in the computing field for some time now. The reason most people use backup services is due to the fact that they know their information is safe if something were to happen at their house or business. Although many wonder what could possibly happen there are things like theft and fire. If all of your stored data is on one or two computers and these computers are in the same building and something happens all of the data is gone. By having a good backup service you know that all of your important data is safely stored away and can be retrieved at any time. Lets look at the 3 most popular backup services.


Backblaze is one of the more popular backup services offered at a very competitive price. The great advantage with Backblaze is that the backup is unlimited. This program is constantly scanning your computer for new emails, documents and pictures. Tell you the program what you want saved and then you have nothing to worry about. The only thing with Backblaze that has been listed as a con is when you remove a file off of your hard drive it is also removed off of their server within thirty days. This can cause issues for some people. But, if you are looking for a simple solution for a back up that is easy to operate then Backblaze is a great choice. No fuss and very affordable.


Carbonite is a favorite for many in the field of computing and backup systems. Very user-friendly and reliable. Carbonite was the very first backup service to offer one flat fee for the service with no confusing costs added in. This pricing was just one factor in why Carbonite became one of the top favorites. Another factor is the ease in which this program is run. Go to the website, download the program and the user is good to go. Easy interface makes it possible for those who have never done this type of thing before. Many who are new at the computing arena are very hesitant at trying backup services because many have proven to be complicated and costly. With Carbonite the user gets unlimited space, backup of emails,documents and pictures automatically. Above all, it is a set and forget with no hassle and the unlimited space makes things super relaxing.


CrashPlan is the last in the roundup of the top 3 backup services. CrashPlan is also easy to run and has affordable pricing. The thing with CrashPlan is that there are great features with this plan that some of the others do not offer. It is free to backup your data or information locally or to a friends computer using CrashPlan. This service is not offered with many of the other backup plans. The service is affordable at about $5 a month for unlimited backup and there can be more than one computer system that is backed up. If you delete a file from your computer or hard drive it is not deleted from the backup server. This is a pro for those users who want to save room on their hard drives without the worry of losing the information. Many other backup services will delete the information after a certain time period. When you do not want the CrashPlan system to hold specific information the user can then give the command for it to be deleted.