Frequently Asked Questions

ALL TIER 1 Backlinks is D.A. 30+ ?
Yes! I'll create on TIER1 Only DA 30+ backlinks. :-) You'll have great results with High Authority backlinks!

AHow many backlinks i have in each package?
- Basic: 100 Backlinks on TIER 1 linked directly on your website + 1000 links linked to TIER1 + 3300 links linked to TIER2.
- Standard: Tier1: 300 Backlinks - Tier2 3000 Backlinks - Tier3 30000 Backlinks.
- Premium: Tier1: 500 Backlinks - Tier2 5000 Backlinks - Tier3 50000 Backlinks.

What is the D. A. of the Backlinks on Tier 2 and Tier 3?
Tier 2 is D.A. 10+ or more. Tier 3 is D.A. 01+ or more. The highest authority is in Tier 1 with D.A. 30+ or more! HOT!!

Accept Any Website Language?

What is TIER Backlinks? Pyramidal Backlinks??
Are backlinks created in the pyramidal layers. At the top of the pyramid is the TIER 1, after comes the Tier2 and Tier3. Each TIER links to the top layer to strengthen the links and helping in the indexing process.

This backlinks is safe?
Yes! My links are created safe way and natural! I use Mixed ancor text: URL name, Branding and Keywords. And Mixed links type: dofollow and nofollow.

How many URL can use?
For best results we recommend Only 1.

How many keywords i can use?
For best results recommended at 8 keywords.

This backlinks do increase my DA and PA domain?
Yes, that will definitely help!

I can choose the niche of the website that have my backlink?
No. I'm going to create links about your site on various websites all over the World.